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Demographic information is important to potential publishers.

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Not meaning to be ageist! Demographic information is important to potential publishers.

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What is (or was) your primary occupation or profession? *

How interested would you be in purchasing an anthology of mindfulness poetry? *

In other words, an anthology of poetry like you've been reading via "A Year of Being Here."
For what purpose(s) would you use such an anthology? *

Which publishing format would you most prefer? *

Would you most prefer a mindfulness anthology organized around

How strongly would you prefer an anthology that has a poem for each day of the year, in contrast to a random number? *

How strongly would you prefer an anthology that has artwork to companion at least some of the poems? (This would make the book more expensive.)

Would you be as willing to purchase a quality anthology that is self-published as one printed by a traditional publisher? *

What price range for an anthology (printed copy) would best fit your budget? *

Poetry anthologies are expensive to produce. Permission fees must be paid for previously published poems, and rights must be purchased for new poems. Many publishers expect the editor of an anthology to assume all those costs. To help defray them, would you be willing to make a donation during the production of the book? *

(Sorry to have to talk dollars and sense.)
Any other words of wisdom? Brilliant ideas? (please type below)

Thank you so much for your input! No matter how long you've been following "A Year of Being Here," you've been a deeply valued participant in the project. Bows of gratitude to you.

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